New regulations on applying tourist visa for Vietnam for foreigners in 2023-2024

New Regulations On Applying Tourist Visa For Vietnam For Foreigners In 2023 2024

Summer is always the time when Vietnam welcomes the most tourists, and in order for tourists to visit Vietnam, a requirement that cannot be overlooked is having a Vietnamese tourist visa. In this article, Quan Lieu Services will share with you the latest regulations on applying for tourist visa for Vietnam for foreigners.

tourist visas for Vietnam(Apply for Vietnam tourist visa)

A tourist visa (DL visa) is a type of visa used by foreigners to enter Vietnam for the purpose of taking vacations with a temporary residence of no more than 30 days. If the foreigner wishes to continue their tour in Vietnam after this period, they can extend their temporary residence permit to stay longer in Vietnam.

(Vietnam tourist visa symbol DL)

1. Conditions for entering tourist visa for  Vietnam

To enter Vietnam, tourists must comply with the following regulations:

  • A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry, with at least 2 blank pages.
  • Not fall under the cases of prohibited entry according to Vietnamese laws.
  • Must temporarily reside at tourist accommodation establishments.

2. Validity of  tourist visa for  Vietnam

  • The validity of a Vietnamese tourist visa depends on the visa exemption period for each country under unilateral or bilateral agreements. Specifically, as follows:
SốQuốc giaNgàyGhi chúHạn đến
1Brunei14Song phươngKhông có
2Myanmar14Song phươngKhông có
3Philippines21Song phươngKhông có
4Campuchia30Song phươngKhông có
5Thailand30Song phươngKhông có
6Malaysia30Song phươngKhông có
7Singapore30Song phươngKhông có
8Indonesia30Song phươngKhông có
9Laos30Song phươngKhông có
10Russia15Đơn phương14/03/2025
11Japan15Đơn phương14/03/2025
12South Korea15Đơn phương14/03/2025
13Norway15Đơn phương14/03/2025
14Finland15Đơn phương14/03/2025
15Denmark15Đơn phương14/03/2025
16Sweden15Đơn phương14/03/2025
17United Kingdom15Đơn phương14/03/2025
18France15Đơn phương14/03/2025
19Germany15Đơn phương14/03/2025
20Spain15Đơn phương14/03/2025
21Italia15Đơn phương14/03/2025
22Belarus15Đơn phương14/03/2025
  • For countries that are not exempted from Vietnamese tourist visa, the validity period is 1 month (single entry allowed).

3. Procedures for applying for a tourist visa Vietnam

  • Citizens of countries exempted from Vietnamese entry visa do not need to apply for a tourist visa during the exemption period.
  • Tourists who are citizens of countries that are not exempted from visa must apply for a visa through the electronic visa (E-visa) or regular visa application process via a letter of entry to receive a tourist visa at the foreign representative office.

The documents and procedures for applying for a Vietnamese tourist visa for foreign visitors are as follows:

3.1. Applying for a Vietnamese tourist visa through an electronic visa application

Please refer to the detailed instructions at:

(Vietnam tourist visa via e-visa)

3.2. Issuing a Vietnam tourist visa through an entry permit letter

An entry permit letter, also known as an Approval Letter for Entry, is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department to individuals/companies sponsoring foreign nationals entering Vietnam.

(Vietnam tourist visa through entry letter)

Step 1: You need to contact a reputable travel agency to negotiate and send the required Vietnam tourist visa information as requested by the company. Travel agencies organize tours and provide guarantees for tourists.

Step 2: The travel agency must submit an application to the Vietnam Immigration Department to obtain a Vietnam tourist visa for the foreigner.

Address of the Vietnam Immigration Department:

  • In Hanoi: 44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • In Ho Chi Minh City: 333-335-337 Nguyen Trai, District 1
  • In Da Nang: 7 Tran Quy Cap, Hai Chau District

Within 5-7 working days, the Immigration Department will consider, resolve and inform the applicant of the results. If during the peak season, the processing time may take longer. If the visa applicant is currently overseas, you will need to submit the visa application to the Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam in the country of residence.

These are the legal issues related to applying for a tourist visa Vietnam for foreign nationals in 2023-2024. If you need more in-depth advice on this issue, please contact Quan Lieu Services for quick and effective consultation at the most cost-effective price! You can contact us via hotline: 098.282.1526 or chat with our advisors on our website.

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