Sequence, procedures, and legal documents for consular legalization

consular legalization

Consular legalization, in terms of formality, is the authentication of signatures and seals on papers and documents issued by foreign agencies/organizations for individuals who wish to have their papers/documents recognized for legal purposes in Vietnam.

When citizens of one country want a public document issued by the authorities of that country to be valid in another country, or vice versa, a document issued by the authorities of another country, for example, where the citizen resides, to be valid in that country, the document needs to be recognized by the authorities of the country where the document has or is intended to have legal effect.

Consular legalization is the certification by the competent authority of Vietnam of the seal, signature, and title on papers and documents from foreign countries so that those papers and documents can be recognized and used in Vietnam.

The certification of consular legalization only certifies the seal, signature, and title on the papers and documents, and does not include certification of the content and form of the papers and documents.

Sequence, procedures for consular legalization:

  • According to the regulations of Decree No. 111/2011/ND-CP on consular certification, consular legalization.
  • Circular No. 01/2012/TT-BNG provides guidance on the implementation of certain provisions of Decree No. 111/2011/ND-CP dated December 5, 2011, of the Government on consular certification, and consular legalization.

Documents exempt from consular certification and consular legalization include:

  1. Documents that are covered by an international treaty to which both Vietnam and the foreign country concerned are parties, or are subject to the principle of reciprocity.
  2. Documents that are directly exchanged or transferred through diplomatic channels between the competent authorities of Vietnam and the foreign country.
  3. Documents that are exempt from consular certification and consular legalization as prescribed by the laws of Vietnam.
  4. Documents that are not required by the receiving agency of Vietnam or the foreign country are to be consular legalized or certified in accordance with the corresponding laws of Vietnam or the foreign country.

Documents that are not eligible for consular certification and consular legalization include:

  1. Documents that have been altered, erased, or amended without being properly corrected according to legal regulations.
  2. Documents in the application dossier for consular certification and consular legalization contain conflicting details.
  3. Documents that are forged or issued or certified outside the authorized jurisdiction according to the legal regulations.
  4. Documents with signatures or seals that are not original or authentic.
  5. Documents that contain content that infringes upon the interests of the State of Vietnam.
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